Gabriela Bodin's paintings, next to piano improvisation (Masako Ohta) and the Butoh performer (Stefan Maria Marb), breaks the expectations of logical coherence of images and movements, disclosing the force of the body language. Despite its apparently illogical structure and lack of narrative, the show acts spontaneously on the level of emotions. The images rendered through gestures come together in a giant puzzle, built on a perennial theme: the human being – a poor piece of flesh embarked on a perpetual quest for its own content.curator

30.03.2017, 18:00-22:00
Live Music:  18:00-22:00
Butoh Performance: 19:00-19:30
Admission Fee: 5 euros
30.03.2017- 23.04.2017

Galerie am Maxmonument

Thierschstr.42, 80538 Munich, Germany

Gabriela Bodin (It), painting
Masako Ohta (D), piano & Indian Harmonium 
Stefan Maria Marb (D), Butoh Performance 

photo credits: Nadja Ellinger