concept & design

It is crucial having a good and clear concept of your exhibition and displaying the works in a way that people get to understand your artistic message.

A curator has a great influence on how your art is being seen and interpreted in galleries and museums, and, as a result, help determine which impact it has over the public's perception.

I provide support through your preparations for an exhibition - from selecting the works, writing the concept, exhibition design, until the opening itself. Together we discuss your artistic ideas and develop the exhibition's plan.

You determine the level of assistance that you need. Either I can take partial responsibility for your project or I oversee the whole process until the opening.


Write me here for more details and I will make you an offer.

Exhibition Space

Interior decoration assistance

Your home, definitely, reflects best your universe and personality. The choices of shape, colors and home accessories are a big deal and require all your attention and care.

When decorating a home it’s always important to pay attention to small details. They make the difference between a bright and fun home and a beautiful but boring one.

According on your budget, your preferences or style, I imagine and define your home together with you, creating an environment that is both beautiful and reflective for your personality.

Everybody can afford a decoration with Unexposed, no matter if you have a big budget or a smaller one.


Write me here and I come back with details and a nice offer for you.

Modern Urban Apartment

Buying & Renting Art

From a diverse palette of artworks, suitable for all tastes and all budgets, you can acquire your favourite ones for a temporary or permanent period of time.

Acquiring the perfect piece of art is a process involving research, time and the right decision. Seing in flesh the artwork you ordered online, must give you the certitude that it was the correct choice.


When you are not sure on your decision, I personally select, envision and recommend you from a large collection of emerging artists, what suits better your personality, based on a previous online survey.


Renting art let you live with the artwork you like as many three-month rental terms before making the commitment to purchase it. Selling price of artwork is set by artists. Rental fees are based on the selling price of the artwork.


If after renting you decide to purchase an artwork, up to three months of rental fees will be deducted from the selling price.


Contact me here for accessing the artworks and receiving a rental application.


Professional Catalogues

Presentation catalogues are the most direct representation of who you are. Let me do it right!

A catalogue serves you as an important tool in displaying your artwork to art professionals, art dealers, institutional curators, etc. You will be granted according to the accuracy and impression your catalogue is making.

When I create your catalogue, I'm looking to demonstrate your artistic identity. I check your personal art archive and your accomplishments and then deliver you a clear designed line available in digital or in paperback edition.

When a catalogue is distributed, not only your works, but also you as an artist will be falling into the public judgement.


Contact me here to find out more and to make you an offer.

Art Book

Posters & Postcards design

The poster and the postcards accompany an event are, nevertheless, part of the artistic manifestation itself.

They announce your event, but also give to your audience a preview of what the direction of your will be.

After learning the concept and collecting all the necessary information about your event, I design and propose two variants of postcards/posters, which you are free to use on your own will.

All the variants come in print-ready versions and get translated in different languages, on request.


Write me here for more details and I will make you an offer.

Brand Products

Art, Frames & Wall Restoring

The way a work of art is displayed and mounted has a deep effect on the way a piece is perceived or valued and also adds to the piece’s long-term preservation.

Restoring damaged art and walls pieces it's a process demanding discipline, years of training, along with incredible patience and exceptional artistic ability.

Our experienced staff helps you in the treatment of all mediums from all artistic genres and time periods, including oil and acrylic on canvas, tempera on panel, and works of art on metal or wood.

We don't only restore your objects, we also restore your heritage.


Write me here to evaluate your art objects and put in in contact with our restores.

Restorer Using Scalpel