Après - a transformation. 30 years of Butoh

The exhibition shown at Gasteig (München) attempts to present a photographic record of visual experiences of Butoh, captured by Stefan Hagen, the photographer who witnessed Marb’s progress during his activity. For 30 years, the dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and psychologist has dealt with Butoh in his performance. He is regarded as the pioneer of this radical art form in Munich. Butoh originated 60 years ago in Japan and puts the naked and fragile body in the center of his actions. Extreme slowness, expressive wildness and a delicate inwardness characterise this body art form, which creates its emotional aesthetics from the moment of the performance. Marb, who collaborated with the most important Japanese Butoh artists, created in his period of work nationally and internationally numerous solos, actions, performances and stage productions, which were continuously accompanied and documented by the New York photographer Stefan Hagen. His photos invite the viewer on a visual journey into the artistic world of Butohperformer and give a deep insight into 30 years of creative transformations.


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Fotografie: Stefan Hagen, NY
Video: Sabine Scharf, D
Butoh Performance: Stefan Maria Marb, D
Piano und Harmonium: Masako Ohta, D/JPN
Harfe: Sophie Litzinge, Dr
Lichtdesign: Andreas Meichelböck, D