Anti-Body: Paper Cuts-

Both artists compose their works out of the same material: the fragile and versatile paper - easy to crumble, but carrying information to the world. 


Therefore, the same message is encrypted in the two visions: the force of a woman comes from the vulnerability she accepts and carries with her through a lifetime. Watched distinctly, they act as contrasting entities, belonging to separate mentalities, but placed in the same context: Gabriele Gürtner seems to be mirroring the future projection of what Ekin Su Koc’s woman could become for the next generations. 

Ultimately, the universality of woman understands no set limits.



8 September 2016 - 21 September 2016

Galerie am Maxmonument

Thierschstr.42, 80538 Munich, Germany

Ekin Su Koc (TR), paintings & collages

Gabriele Gürtner (D), paper sculpture

photo credits: Guido Sieber