Camera Obscura-

The very moment the observer decodes an image comes with an emotion attached to it. Suddenly, the image starts showing more than just the obvious. But what here is reality, what is illusion?

Unexposed invites you to its second edition:
a photo exhibition project which brings together five artists from different countries, united by one passion: taking photographs. 

Das Provisorium - Kunstbar und Lesesaal
Lindwurmstr. 37, 80377 München
20:00 Vernissage


Andrei Aciobanitei, Romania 
Ovidiu Cincheza, Spain
Dorothee Elfring, Germany
Vlad Dumitrescu-Petrica, Romania
Ivcelnaiv Untipfictiv, Romania


photo credits: Joshua Goodman, Dorothee Elfring

video: Joshua Goodman