Pericula Ludus-

A=A is a logical axiom. It has been bearing the truth of what it means for some-thing to be for quite some time now. 
What about the being of some-one? It still remains unclear whether I necessarily have to be one, in order to be someone. The introspective life certainly feels more like a perpetual flux than as an A=A thing-like identity. After all, the very fact that in “A=A” there are two A’s separated by the sign of equality indicates that, for us at least, A is not identical with itself. 
The experiential sensemaking flows as a spontaneous emergence and dissolution of each point of reference: again and again, every-one becomes many and every-many becomes one. And still, for the others we are always some-ones, as, for the sake of self-edification, the inner flux projects specific crystallized, partly self-conscious images of itself. These are the so called personae or masks, their point being, contrary to popular belief, not so much in hiding away, but in uncovering and expressing instances of the life-flow. Needles to say that the same goes for and in the mirror image of the Other. 
And therein lies the game: to develop sufficient personae so as to emulate and reveal the flux in its entirety without disturbing its continuity. The à rebours perspective of the future vanishing point brings forth such emulation. The peril lies in self-dissolution, but as we are bound by the life-flow itself to play the game, it is better to do it willingly. After all, as long as the life-flow continues, one can always start anew. (Mihai Novac)


28 April 2016 at 18:00 to 10 May 2016 at 21:00

Galerie am Maxmonument

Thierschstr.42, 80538 Munich, Germany

Otilia Cadar, Ro

Liviu Coman, Ro

Painting, Spray painting