Video Games-

By still playing a game, you feel that you succeeded and learned something you're good at. But you don't need any tricks or an imagined world to create love, fear, hate and passion. 

The exhibition explores the addiction to a self-projected image with focus on striking the visual effect of storytelling. 
Social manipulation, inverted values or regaining authenticity are the main themes approached in VideoGames project.
One thing which is fun about the games is the idea of the playful mind. Though, when did the real manifestation became a taboo? Or perhaps it's better expressed when is prefabricated. After all, everything human does have a potential of expression..

2 March 2017 18 – 22 Uhr

Galerie am Maxmonument

Thierschstr.42, 80538 Munich, Germany

Igor Skaletsky (ISR), paintings & collages

Jessica Dettinger (D), fashion design 


photo credits: Joshua Goodman