You look at me and you know we are one. I think I could turn myself into you. 

From the inside, I mean.


Not About Me

I  become the subject of different sets and ideas, coming from various photographers, whose imagination could grow without limits. 
It documents the evolution in time of my body as a female, but also allows me to participate to a social experiment of what preconceptions and mind sets there are, in the matter of nudity. It is my body being naked, but the ones really exposed are the deepest parts of the minds of so many personalities and perspectives. 
One can see eroticism, imperfections, pornography, aversion or phantasy, whatever your own thoughts would reflect into my image. In the end is not only me getting rid of the covers. 

My image is just a projection of your mind. It is not, therefore, anything about me. It is all about you.

“Not about me” started in 2014 and will end in 2036, when I will be 50. 

If you want to participate to this project, let me know in a message bellow.

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